TheUniqueFocus | About
Being raised by wolves in Wyoming was tough. Bad cooks every last one of them, but nice as the day is long. The wolves weren't the only problem however, it also snowed every day in Wyoming. Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring the snow didn't let up. Even the wind was relentless. It blew so hard that once that Yellowstone National Park was pushed two feet into Idaho. Talk about a windy day. At 5 years old I knew that being a wolf wasn't for me, so I left the pack and looked for another opportunity.

I stumbled upon my first Apple computer when I attended the local school. I just knew that the whole "dial up" internet thing would work out. I figured I would work with computers, maybe at AOL. The dial up idea failed and I found myself wondering what I was going to do instead. I needed to find my niche. After high school, I offered to grace both Yale and Harvard with my presence. Both of those schools knew I was destined for something much better than some Ivy league school and declined my offer. By saying no so many years ago, both Yale and Harvard pushed me in the right direction. I decided that day to buy my first camera. I shot 2 rolls of film and the images all sucked. Just like anyone that buys a new toy, I decided to play with it every day until I was done with it. Well lets just say I never got tired of it, and have learned so much more than I knew that first day.

For many years I had seen magazines like Life, Newsweek, and Harpar's Bazaar in our outhouse. I knew I wanted to shoot some amazing photos. Everyone of my friends thought I would follow the ways of Ansel Adams because of where I lived, but I could see those images in real life, just outside my tepee door. I wanted more. I dreamed bigger. I wanted to shoot like Avedon and Eisenstadt. I knew I had to leave the tepee in Wyoming, but where should I go? I picked up a small poisonous dart we used to kill mice, and threw it at the US map that our neighbor Claude owned. It landed on the Nevada Territory, which was much bigger than state of Nevada is today. The rest as they say is history.

That night I packed my camera and clothes into my truck and drove straight to Las Vegas. I moved into a casino like everyone thinks the locals do, but quickly found that it wasn't viable, so I rented a place. I figured I would stay a while and see what city life was like. I met my wife in Las Vegas, and started my family. Las Vegas is far from the wolf pack and my old tepee, but I would't go back. I have become fond of electricity. It gives me the ability to charge my camera batteries without having to ride a bike which powered a generator, that was created by Tesla. The whole idea of indoor plumbing is a plus also, but that's a story for another time. Thank you for reading, I look forward to meeting you soon.